Future opportunity for BOEING based on company's history, manufacturing capabilities and the upcoming space exploration business model.   

With a projected decommission in 2024, the International Space Station will no longer provide the benefits it currently does. 

Microgravity Technology Testing Capabilities
Continuos human presence in space
Developing low cost/highly accessible research opportunities
Material research for the future of space travel

With the developing private sector in space exploration, is there an opportunity for BOEING to tailor both to the traditional government interest and the innovative private funds?  


Cislunar Circuit model, based on the capabilities of the Space Shuttle, allows for interchangeable payload containers that can be modified to the client's needs. 

Concept Example: Privately owned container carrying 4 people for a 1 week trip around the moon.

For a privately owned container, where a client is paying for the experience, design considerations need to be taken into luxury and "wow" moments in their trip.